Updated 7-22-12

age 6
This is Zoe, age 6. She's a gift to our family. She has an eclectic personality and big dreams.

Zoe has grown much over the last two and a half years since she was diagnosed with global developmental delay. At age 4 she was also diagnosed with PDD/NOS by the MIND Institute. Through various natural supports in our community, at home, anc school she is blossoming. We are so thankful for our dear daughter. She is a sweetheart!

Zoe on a nature walk with mama
Zoe orchestrated a party for Moose and Brownie, age 3.5.

Gardening on the front patio

Eye test, age 4

Chalk Art, age 5. This drawing blew me away.

Whether your child is struggling with motor skills, or not, Tricks Gymnastics is absolutely wonderful. Zoe is getting stronger and more coordinated with each day. Gymnastics also helps to develop other skills like social skills, self-confidence, discipline, overcoming fears, and reading! And it's FUN!

She has conquered her fear of the high balance beam!

Thank heaven for the Disney Store. They are very accommodating for little kiddos who like to make messes and try on a million princess costumes!!

Nature Walk with mama
 through the neighborhood.

Birthday Party Time! She's 6!

Isn't it funny that Zoe is not intimidated by a boa constrictor. But a teeny tiny Chihuahua doggie will send her screaming.

Pine cone art on a walk, by Zoe, age 5. She laid out her cheetah printed sweatshirt on the ground and placed pine cones on it. Kinda neat!

Zoe loves to read!!

Zoe likes to play dress up. Age 4. She would find items on her own, and come out to surprise us.

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