Monday, February 20, 2012

Simple Ideas to Improve Fine Motor Skills and Increase Hand Strength

I have to recommend this wonderful page! OT Mom has some great ideas to develop and improve the fine motor skills, hand strength and dexterity of kindergarten and preschool children. These are simple things to do at home.

Visit:  - I will be trying some of OT Mom's ideas for sure!

My husband and I have been doing exercises with our daughter to increase her hand strength, and we just keep working at it. She actually has a lot of fun with it.

Today I sliced a bunch of tangerines for her to squeeze one-by-one and make fresh orange juice. She came to me with a tangerine that she dug a hole into and said, "Mom, I'm gonna make some juice." So we just went with it. She didn't even know she was getting a workout!

Try this!

Another making homemade cards for Valentine's Day. Sure beats store-bought cards. This is something we do each year, and this year she had a special day with her Auntie She She. We had to make 30+ cards, so it wasn't an easy task.

To start, we always print her photo and she cuts them out. For decoration, I bought her some tiny foam Valentine stickers (only $1.00 at Dollar Store) to use. We also used lace doilies (also from Dollar Store) and pastel colored paper cut into hearts. Just a little glue and Ta-Da! Happiness! So in essence she got a workout making these cards, and so did Auntie Sheila.

Try this for Valentine's Day or any day will do!

Keep on working at it!