Sunday, January 29, 2012

Disability labels (and any other kinds of labels) do not dictate a child's future

I read a truly inspiring article, "Annette Jenner: Brainiac" by Juliette Weiland on the Smart KIDS with Learning Disabilities website. It's about a woman named Annette Jenner who triumphed over her dyslexia "label" by pursuing higher education and earning a Ph.D. She is now a teacher and brain researcher. Because of having dyslexia she was predestined not to go to the college.
"As a high school freshman with dyslexia, she was told she wouldn't be able to go to college. Instead of college preparatory course work, she was taught how to fill out job applications for McDonald's. Today, she's a brain researcher and professor at Syracuse University. Take a look at her story."

Never let someone tell you that your child's disability or anything else dictates what they are capable of accomplishing in life!

This article reminds me of the importance of setting high standards for our children. It also brings to mind that schools and parents need to explore alternatives for children to help them learn and progress. Within all school systems are obstacles, but obstacles can be broken and alternate paths can be found. The parents have a huge responsibility to seek out what is appropriate for their child.